Valerie Loveland



"The Suitor" appears in Stirring: A Literary Collection, December 2006.

"The Metal Bird" appears in Konundrum Engine Literary Review, April 2006.

"Pigeon" appeared in Thorny Locust, June 2006.

"About the Medical Examiner" published in Poet Lore, June 2006.

"The Remedy" and "When Did I Become Afraid of Bugs?" published in the Winter issue of RE:AL, January 2006.

"Gravity" published in Samsara Quarterly.

"Watercolor Project: Tigers" published in Thema.

"Jokemen" nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

"Jokemen" printed in Thema.

"Choosing Glasses" featured as Poem of the Week in Comrades Magazine.